Here’s a movie poster I did. It wasn’t originally a movie poster, but turned out that way. This piece went through a lot of stages and ended up okay. I wish it was better, but hey, could be worse.

First off, it wasn’t a western piece at all. I had ideas for many things, but eventually ended up with the western thing as it was the one that had the most response/least dislikes.

However, the teacher was not very pleased with the pose of my gunslinger, so I changed it up. I liked it so it was off to make the line drawing, however getting proper reference for this pose would prove to be a challenge. The result was that the pencil drawing lost whatever the sketch had, and I was back to square one. Something had to be done. It was time to do a vignette, like my teacher wanted us to do in the first place.

The result ended up being okay. I put Eastwood’s face in there and made it an actual movie poster, as opposed to a made up film I initially planned to do, as people thought it was Eastwood in the first place. I actually liked the line drawing more than the finished piece (with the flat and graphic colours), which has prompted me to rethink how I approach the final art. Some of that could be seen in my previous post. That piece was made after this. Lines might play a bigger role in the future I think.