Now, whatever the subject matter is, I try to make my illustrations interesting. Even if the subject matter is just a man eating toast, I’ll try my very best to jazz it up. Perhaps by having interesting design or lighting. Or throw in some UFO’s. Or a slightly dressed (you can drop this too) pin-up girl. I don’t care as long as I can manage to make a picture I enjoy making and one I think will look good in the end.

Take this one for example. The assignment was a conversation and I got “buying a used car”. I was set on not having a straight shot of someone buying a car. I decided to play with design, making use of negative space and creating a vignette. I also played on humour and charicature to make to content more interesting as well. I also tried to throw in different elements to lead the eye through the composition. Not necesseraly to make it a better painting, but to keep myself amused. If I didn’t, this piece would have been torture. It’s nice when the bi-product of having fun is a piece of art you like. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, so here you have it “Steele Rabble’s Used Cars”.

Nerd moment of the day: The eagle eyed viewer may have spotted the car in question is loosely based on a Lada 2120.