So here we are with yet another western movie poster starring Clint Eastwood. This time it is the one and only “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. This piece underwent much frustration and many changes. At the very least it turned out better than my last poster, so I guess I should be pleased.

This was actually a revision of the final turned in piece. The original had much more red in it like some of the posters of the Dollars-trilogy had.

But my teacher sad the colours sucked, so that’s why I redid them. However, that was the last step of many frustrations regarding the piece. Here are many of the steps that this piece underwent. First up is the thumbnail/concept stage. However, the lack of enthusiasm for the sketches, prompted me to try to come up with something better.

Sadly, I failed. Aside from the nice touches with the flags and good likenesses, the critique was “pretty fuckin’ boring”, so back to the drawing board. Less than a week before the deadline. Add in two tests (in in biotechnology, yikes) and I was in for a stressful week. Not to mention the other homework I had to do. However, I got crackin’, redrew a more pimped up version of the sketch. So all in all, considering the time I had on the actual piece and the amount of frustration in my life at the time, it did turn out okay.