Sorry folks that I have been lost in space for a week now, but school was coming down hard and fast and I had some other engagements as well. On top of that my computer needed to seek medical attention for few days this weekend, but it is healthy now and I have stuff to share again so here comes another update. I should now be back on schedule again.

For this update I have a gig poster that I did for school. It is for the artist Jean Michel Jarre. I chose a gig done for his 1997 Oxygène-tour. It is to be said that Röyksopp was not the opening act, but I had to have one and I couldn’t find out who really was, so I just picked a band.

For this project, I played around with brushes that I made myself. I constantly went back and remade them and changed settings until I found one that I really liked and this was the result.