This piece was made for a competition held by the student collective. The competition is called “Childhood Inspiration” and the entries must be about something that was inspirational to you as a child. The movie “Flåklypa Grand Prix” was my favourite movie as a child so I figured it was only proper to do a piece about it. Also, I knew I would be the only one to do it, so I would bring something unique to the table.

The movie, called “Pinchcliffe Grand Prix” is a stop and go animation from 1975 about bicycle repairer Theodore Rimspoke and his compatriots who build a homemade race car to challenge Rimspoke’s former assistant who has become a successful racing driver by using a technical innovation build after blue prints stolen from Rimspoke.

The movie was made by Ivo Caprino and his studio and was based on the fictional universe “Flåklypa” made by Kjell Aukrust.

The car, Il Tempo Gigante, has legendary status in norwegian movie history. Undoubtedly the coolest movie car ever made in my and many, many other norwegians opinions. It actually Inspired a young swede to make his own car. His name? Koeniggsegg. For those unaware of the name, look it up. Let’s say the swedes does know to build cars that are not just metrosexual estates.

Oh, and they actually build Il Tempo Gigante in real life. With a 1000+ bhp turbine jet engine in the back. They don’t use it anymore as it is too powerful (just the one engine, it has a 500bhp v8 in the front of course) and it doesn’t comply with Eu regulations for noise. No joke.

This piece in particular was made with the total of three programmes, PS, Painter and Sketchbook Pro.